Urban Kitchen is a recreational cooking school located in charming South Pasadena. Our contemporary kitchen is located a few blocks away from the Mission Street Metro Gold Line and weekly Farmer’s Market. Urban Kitchen’s mission is to bring people together to LEARN, CREATE, and SAVOR delicious, seasonal meals. 

Our chef instructors are classically trained with real world experience. Our philosophy on food and eating is to start with the freshest ingredients available, taking time to prepare and enjoy each bite and connect with friends and family.  



Michelle’s love of food and cooking is deeply rooted in her childhood and forever linked to family, friends and lively conversation. After a long career as a broadcast executive, Michelle opened Urban Kitchen in 2013 as a place for people to explore the limitless possibilities of making delicious meals with fresh ingredients. Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu with restaurant and test kitchen experience, Michelle enjoys sharing industry tips & techniques and how to apply them to everyday cooking at home.

When it comes to celebrating the season’s best produce and transforming beautiful ingredients into delicious meals - Matt is the master. Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu with extensive restaurant kitchen experience at local favorites like Union in Pasadena, Matt’s passion for farm-to-table cooking, eating, and celebrating is contagious. His generosity in sharing his knowledge is one of the reasons he’s become an Urban Kitchen favorite.


Both a skilled musician and chef, Nick adds a unique flair to Team Urban Kitchen. Nick was trained at the Institute of Culinary Education and gained valuable experience at LA area restaurants prior to joining us.